Why Give?

St Patrick's Parish relies entirely on you to keep doing what we do;

we believe that the Christian community is the perfect antidote to the constant pulls of modern living

- a solid foundation in an ever changing world.

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We are not centrally funded

We have outstanding debts of €142,000 and we face a possible deficit this year. We want to keep doing what we are doing but we need all of our members to support us.

Where our money comes from

  • 49% Parishioner Giving

  • 25% Parish Centre Income

  • 10% Investment and Bequest

  • 8% Tax Rebate on Giving

  • 8% Fund-Raising


How our money is spent

  • 41% Paid Officials

  • 16% Parish Centre Expenses

  • 14% Maintenance, Light and Heating

  • 12% Parish Loan Repayment

  • 5% Charities

  • 5% Diocesan Obligations

  • 4% Youth and Education

  • 3% Insurance

Image by Neal E. Johnson

Give because God asks you to

The most generous givers are notably our long standing members - we are very reliant on this support. We encourage our newer, younger members to engage with this vital part of membership and belonging in St Patrick's Parish.

Jesus tells us to give. His message is that what we have, we have received from God, and we are to use it for God's glory. In the New Testament we see the first Christians sharing their possessions, giving to those in need and supporting the work of God out of their own money.

Giving changes us. It takes our eyes off our own desires and makes us a part of God's greater purpose in the world. 


This church is growing

Our parish is a hub of activity; we carry out visits to care homes, schools, hospitals and housebound parishioners. 

Our parent and toddler mornings reach over 70 local families, our Bugle Club caters for 9 - 12 years and Young Life for older teens. Our daily worship, Bible studies, Alpha Course and Parenting course bring many together. We host over 100 children in our Sunday Seekers programme and 60 at our annual holiday club.

If giving decreases we will not be able to sustain the above ministries.